Why you should move your Nevada corporation to Wyoming

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Here is why you should move your corporation's domicile from Nevada to Wyoming:

The filing fee went up slightly in Nevada - from $125 to $150.  But they also passed an increase for the Business License Tax from $200 to $500.  So, that means that the Corporation fees just to domicile your corporation in Nevada with from $325 in 2014 to $650 this year.

If you're comfortable with that increase, I still would not recommend that you pay it.  This move by the Nevada Governor is just the first increment.  So they're 'testing the waters' to see if they can increase again in the next couple of years.

Another choice that you might consider, is converting your Corporation down to an LLC.  These higher taxes are aimed at Corporations (for now), so you could make the move to LLC - but you'll spend $350 to the State of Nevada to do that. In addition, you will probably need a lawyer (and legal fees) to complete that move.  The other danger of making the move down to an LLC is that you may make the move, and then Nevada decides to roll the increases to the other forms of businesses (including LLC's).

The easiest and most cost effective choice is to move your Corporation Domicile to Wyoming.  Yep.  That great big State on the upper middle of the US map.  Making the move is simple (with our guidance) and we can get you through the paperwork faster than a Vegas craps dealer can yell 'snake eyes'.

Here is how we do it:
The State of Nevada charges $30 for certifying your Articles of Incorporation and gives you a 'Certificate of Existence'.  They charge $2 for each page and another $50 for the certificate.  

Then, in Wyoming, we become your 'Registered Agent'.  We charge $69.95 for that (less than some, more than others).  You're probably paying more for your Resident Agent back in Nevada.  

Next, we fill out all your Articles of Domestication (making your corporation into a Wyoming company). Then, we get your past documents from the State of Nevada, gather your signatures, and we complete the filing with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

So here's how it all pens out:

  • $ 82 (estimate) to State of Nevada (to get you off the hook).
  • $100 to State of Wyoming.
  • $ 50 our fee for all the filing work.
  • $ 70 fee to Wyoming Discount Registered Agent for first year as your Agent.
  • TOTAL:  $302   

$302 is less than you'd pay if you kept your corporation domiciled in Nevada!

And here is something awesome for you to consider:  If you have no assets in Wyoming - the fee for filing your Annual Report is just $50 per year!  Compare that to Nevada at $650!!!

So, we can save you money this year, and save you even more in coming years!  

Call us today for help getting your documents completed as soon as possible.  If you wait too long - Nevada will charge you for another year at their new higher rates.  Call (307) 828-1091.

We have offices in Nevada & Wyoming to help make your transfer EASY!


CLICK-2-DIAL (307) 828-1091

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