How to move your business from Nevada to Wyoming

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If you have your corporation domiciled in Nevada, you’re probably looking to move it to another State.  Wyoming is a fantastic place to move your corporation to.  Wyoming has no corporate taxes, no State Business License, and if you have no assets in Wyoming, your annual costs to keep your business legally open is much less than anywhere else in the country.  Wyoming has many advantages, but the subject here is - How to move your business from Nevada to Wyoming:

First, we have to get your Certificate of Existence from the State of Nevada.  The fee to certify your Articles of Incorporation and get the certificate is $50 plus $2 per page.  Usually, it is one page.

Then we become your Registered Agent in Wyoming.  This means we are your local representation within the State.  We charge $69.95 per year for this service.  

Now we can do the paperwork with the State of Wyoming to get your Articles of Domestication (making your corporation into a Wyoming company).  We will gather your signatures and complete the filing with the Wyoming Secretary of State.  Wyoming will charge $100 for this. And we charge $50 to do all the paperwork correctly and legally for you.  So the total for you to move is about $302 for your first year in Wyoming.  

In Nevada, that would be $650 plus your Registered Agent fee versus $302 in Wyoming.  Quite a savings in the first year. But you’ll realize even more for the subsequent years. Wyoming is only going to charge you $50 to file your paperwork each year (as long as you have no assets in Wyoming).

Why would we only charge $50 to do all the work for you?  Answer: because we are good at it and $50 seems like a fair price for now.  We may have to raise our price soon, but for now - you can take advantage of the move for less.  Call us today - we can get this kicked off and completed for you quickly.  Call (307) 828-1091.

We have offices in Nevada & Wyoming to help make your transfer EASY!

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