How to form an LLC in Wyoming for FREE

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Form a Wyoming LLC for Free (just pay the State charged fee)


If you want to form an LLC in Wyoming, it’s pretty easy.  And the benefits far outweigh the effort that it takes to get it done.  In fact, we will do the work for you for FREE (+State fees).  Yes, we will file all of your paperwork and get you completely through the process for free.  You will only be responsible for the fees charged by the State of Wyoming.

Why would we help you to create an LLC in Wyoming without charging you?  Well, to be truthful, you will need ongoing services of a Wyoming Registered Agent after formation of your LLC and we would like to be that Agent for you.  We charge $69.95  annually for that service.  Not a big deal, but it keeps our boat afloat as we are the agent for many corporations and LLCs in Nevada and Wyoming (we favor forming an LLC in Wyoming over Nevada).

If you came here, you probably have already figured the advantages of forming an LLC in Wyoming, so I won’t bore you with the benefits list.  So, let’s talk about How To Form a LLC in Wyoming.

Step One:  Name your LLC something meaningful and legal*

​When forming an LLC, you need to take a little time to research a name for your LLC.  You want to make sure the name is available.  You can do that by going to the Wyoming Secretary of State website and looking up the names that you are considering.  If you find that the name you would like to use is taken, you can do a slight variation, but we do not recommend that.  It can lead to confusion later.  There are roughly 250,000 LLCs and Corporations in Wyoming - so take the time to clear your name.

While you are looking for your LLC name, you might want to see if you can buy the matching URL for the internet.  Go to or another Domain Name Registrar and see if you can buy the matching URL.  You may not want to do anything with it - but it is still worth having.  I think that at it will cost you $11 per year.

Step Two:  Nominate us as your Wyoming Registered Agent

​It is mandatory that your New Wyoming LLC has a Registered Agent in Wyoming.  So, let’s do the paperwork so that we can be yours.  Once we’ve done that, we can do the rest of your Filing For Your LLC in Wyoming for you.  We will File the Articles of Organization, create an Operating Agreement (not required yet in Wyoming for an LLC - but good to have).  

​State of Wyoming Fees for forming an LLC

​The State will have certain fees that you will need to form a Wyoming LLC.  Here is a list of the monies you will need to pay to get started:
$100 Initial Filing (annual will be $50). Woot! Woot!

Our Annual Fee: $69.95 (first year Resident Agent representation)

The State of Wyoming charges for corrections and changes - so we take the time to verify everything.  Getting it right the first time is IMPORTANT when setting up you LLC.  Again, ask us anything. We are here to help.  

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wyoming discount registered agent satisfaction guaranteed