Advantages of incorporating in Wyoming

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Lower Startup Costs to form a Wyoming Corporation
In Wyoming, all the costs related to getting your corporation open are lower than other States.  Just compare to Nevada, where you can rack up thousands of dollars to complete the simple task of creating your corporation.

Privacy allowed
Real privacy.  We can’t find another State with as great of privacy for starting a corporation.  So if you want anonimity - incorporate in Wyoming.

Shareholders are not listed with the State of Wyoming
Now we’re talking! (Or not talking.)  This is a huge advantage for privacy.  Since the Shareholders are completely separated from the Wyoming State documentation, the ‘corporate veil’ is SOLID.

Best Asset Protection Laws
Back to that ‘corporate veil’.  Wyoming makes sure that your corporation is a completely separate entity from you and your personal assets.  You will sleep better at night, knowing that you formed your corporation in Wyoming.

Manager not listed with the State of Wyoming
Are you still reading this stuff?  Wasn’t the first four advantages enough?  So, you really want to know: How in the World do you have a corporation where the Manager is not listed?  Simple.  You get to use your Resident Agent as the buffer between your corporation and your Manager, Shareholders, and Members.  No list at the State.  

Members are not listed with the State in a Wyoming Corporation
Take that Nevada!  Once again, Wyoming wins in the privacy and protection of assets department.  Members of a Wyoming Corporation are not listed with the State (just like managers).  

Wyoming draws little attention
If US maps did not have the names of the States on them - most of the country would not even know where Wyoming is located!  And we don’t have things that draw attention to us, like big casino towns and prostitution.  Simple State with simple government, makes a great place to domicile your corporation.

No State Income Taxes
Some other states offer this advantage too.  That’s why I saved it for last.  So you can read all the big advantages for having your corporation in Wyoming.

So, if you want to set up a new corporation in Wyoming - call us.  We’re here to help.
If you want to move your existing corporation to Wyoming - call us. We’re here to help you too.

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